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Introduction to Rocket Yoga Solstice Workshop

Postponed Until the Autumn

Cost $40/person

Complete form if interested in fall workshop.

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Fun Facts about Rocket Yoga


    1.    Origin: Created by Larry Schultz in the 1980s to make Ashtanga Yoga more accessible.


    2.    Name: Named "Rocket" because it "gets you there faster," inspired by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Larry Schultz was the yoga teacher for the band!


    3.    Sequences: Comprises three main sequences—Rocket I, II, and III, blending elements from Ashtanga's Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced series.


    4.    Inversions: Emphasizes early introduction of inversions and arm balances, adding excitement.


    5.    Flexibility: Allows modifications and variations, making it suitable for all levels.


    6.    Music: Often practiced with upbeat music, creating an energetic and fun atmosphere.


    7.    Global Reach: Popular worldwide with dedicated studios and teachers.


    8.    Benefits: Enhances strength, flexibility, balance, reduces stress, and boosts mental clarity.


    9.    Community: Once you know your Rocket, we move together in breath, fostering a supportive community and connection.


    10.    Creative Sequencing: Innovative and adaptable sequences keep classes engaging and dynamic.


Come Learn to Rocket!

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