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A warrior is someone who is brave, doesn’t give up easily and finds calm in the most difficult of situations.


Warriors are leaders and teachers who choose peaceful ways over fighting but will embody the appropriate strength as needed and think of the greatest good.


Warriors are powerful, bright and strong.



Welcome to your practice to embodying the warrior spirit. You have arrived to take a journey of improved physical and mental well being. 


Mind, Body, Spirit is not some catchy phrase for a yoga t-shirt. 😁


It’s essential to find a balance between all three life elements and following a consistent practice has the tools to take you there.


You will now have access to the your YogaMA Warriors closed Facebook group where you will receive daily live practices, tips and techniques. A community to share and a place where you can ask me questions or even discuss the philosophies of yoga and martial arts.


You will also receive downloadable practices, technique videos, workout sheets and information about the spirit of these arts.


A nutritionist will be available to help with diet and habits.




I’m going to KICK YOUR BUTT - in the most humble warrior way.


As your sensei, (sensei simply means teacher in Japanese 🙂) I will check in to make sure you are following a regular practice and taking care of yourself. I am here as a guide and as to walk beside you too. This is why we call it practice. We will never stop learning and that’s what’s exciting!!

YogaMA Warrior Exclusive Membership

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